We offer an upfront consulting that provides real, practical support and advice to clients in order to add value by looking at all aspects of a project. Through our early involvement ensures that time and money committed with architects and other consultants is used effectively to go further.

Services include;

Project Management.

Lochbuild will manage every aspect of your build from start to finish. Combing all our capabilities into one. Lochbuild has the appropriate experience to successfully deliver your project.


Lochbuild can offer a service to define a project’s budget, monitor the effect of design changes against the project’s budget, offer cost planning advice to refine the budget as the design documents develop.

We can supply bills of quantities to assist in a tender process.

Advice on building methodology.

Lochbuild has with all clients offered creative advice on building practice to make a the building design more cost effective and make the construction process more efficient as a result creating cost savings without compromising the quality of the finish product.


Lochbuild will prepare a detailed construction program that test all the resources and opportunities available, with daily and weekly monitoring to keep a project on track and to find out at the earliest stage where time complications may occur.